Friday, 22 March 2013


Hot, hot, hot, I recon easy close of 40 degrees in the sun. Dusty, dusty, dirty, praying for rain. Sometimes the clouds come but no rain, they just tease me and move on.

Feeling super dodgy today, spider bight red and full of puss, no fever so will wait and see.

Clinic, clinic, clinic.

Emma doing night duty, so I am looking forward to a good sleep as it is impossible to sleep under the tin roof were we are staying during the day, its like a sauna.

All the midwives and local women who know are very concerned that my gorgeous Grant and I dont have a baby yet. Last night the lady who looks after us said that when I go home I will get pregnant and the baby will have the spirit of Cambodia. It was very strange and felt almost like a blessing and I felt so emotional. These women who have so little are so sweet to worry themselves with me.

Emma had two deliveries in the night....

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