Friday, 22 March 2013

Maybe I should have been a vet?

Clinic,  clinic, clinic, hot, hot, hot.

Tried to buy some mange treatment from the "vet" to treat the village animals today. The vet doesnt seem to understand what I need, not that I would trust him anyway, his training was a whole1 month and he proudly displays his certificate on the wall.

He let me snoop in the drugs cupbourd but I dont know what I'm looking for, I found Iodine but most of the animals are so bad that they have weeping open wounds and I am worried that it will burn them.

Have bought spray bottle to apply mange treatment when I figure it out as the animals are feral or farm animals and I dont have the facility to dip them so will run around spraying them all as best I can, well....thats my plan any way.

Feeling better today, spider bite looks miraculously healed.

1 comment:

  1. Glad the bit has healed!! Sent some reiki!! Don't know if it helped. Glad you could help some of those poor animals. How sad xxx