Sunday, 24 March 2013

Killing Fields

A memorial of sculls from the mass graves (7 stories high).

What a heavy lumpy throat  day! At the killing fields we listened to the history and absolute horrors of the Khmer Rouge on head - sets.We then had a welcome escape by vanishing into the labyrinth of steaming, chaotic, stalls that is the Russian Market.  Bartering is the name of the game, although I admit I am rubbish at it. Louise if you are reading this, you would be in your ELEMENT. Everything of course was "cheap cheap for you lady!' In the evening we went to the night market, which is the same sort of thing, just a bit smaller and whole lot cooler, with some live music and a surprising absence of white faces. Of course you do see the occasional disgusting old "barang" (that's what Cambodians call white people), with very your girls, and it just makes me want to cry.  

I had not released that Pol Pot got a seat on the UN council for the 20 years after the genocide until his death! The fact that he enjoyed life with his family in American (funded by the UN) until a ripe old age is utterly repugnant to me. I thought the UN were the good guys......guess maybe I was wrong.We were going to go to the prison were the people were kept, tortured and forced to sign false confessions (S21) before being transported to the killing fields, but I just couldn't digest anymore - how selfish is that.

24.03.13 Private taxi back to  Takeo, with air con!!!!! Pure luxury!

Bracelets  left in memoriam by visitors to the killing fields.
A Buddhist house for the lost souls of the killing fields
Babies heads were smashed in against this tree and there lifeless bodies  tossed in the mass grave alongside. This spot was the undoing of me.
1 of many mass graves.

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  1. And still humankind carries on doing the same, over and over again. xxx