Friday, 15 March 2013

Where there is no doctor

Wating for delivery and thought I would articulate some of the things I have learnt from the amazing Cambodian midwives.

Fundal hight + adbo  circumference ÷ 4 = estimated fetal weight (amazingly accurate).

Hight measured in finger width between uterus and umbilicus = days post partum. Not palpable usually between day 7-10.

Worms from anus can enter vagina a burrow in, may cause some bleeding but not painful on V.E.

10iu Synto post miscarriage after 12 weeks gestation.

Viniger diluted 1 part to 3 parts water applied to cervix will show white spots in the presence of cervical cancer.

Synto IM can be given post physiological 3rd stage after 5th baby to prevent pph.

Press just above pubic bone and observe cord lengthening in 3rd stage. If retractes when pressure removed placenta not yet seperated. Otherwise seperation has occured.

Controlled  cord traction while external uetrine guarding can be preformed with physiological 3rd stage once seperation has occurred.

Synto given after physiological delivery of placenta to prevent retained placenta (very clever where there is no theater ans anesthesia).

If fundus is high post delivery, ask women to void. If fundus remain high post void, querie retained producs.

Papaya sap 3 teaspoons diluted in water can get rid of intestinal worms.

Strong garlic tea can get rif of pin worms.

Prolonged second stage is not an obstetric issue if fetal heart remains stable.

For prolonged second stage with acinclitic fetal head, tilt maternal pervis up for a couple of contractions to allow fetus to reposition.

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  1. Hi Tanya,Our guide bought his wife some ginger juice made at the only winery in Cambodia. He said it is a home remedy for women who have recently given birth. His baby is 3 weeks old and he is so proud of his wife and 3rd child.