Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Up and Running

Hooooraaaay, Tabby is aliiiive. The managing director's wife has an iPad and although her charger didn't fit in dear Tabby the pug was usb, so I could use my charger with her plug and hey presto we have lift off.
Museum on the way to temples
So, not much going on still. Went to the village this morning and found an excited hub bub of bustling people. Turns out that an Italian aid NGO has landed on the island and was giving away free medicine. They are de-worming all the children and giving Hepatitis vaccinations, apparently they come every 6 months and do this.

Hence only 1 taker this morning. An old man with puss oozing out of his ear all nice, think and yellow. Poor thing must have had one hell of an ear infection. Anyway he wanted the barung (that's me) to look at it, which I did and promptly sent him to the NGO for antibiotics. To be honest the stuff we see here is so extreme,  half the time I don't even know what I am looking at. The STDs don't look like anything I have seen before as often they have been left untreated for years and years. This is one incredible education I an getting here.

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