Thursday, 14 March 2013

Last post from Koh Rong Island

Took village kids snorkeling on a reef about 1 hour by boat, an amazing experience to watch them discover the under water world for the first time. People here mostly find it acceptable to through rubbish and human waste in the sea, so this was an ecology education program that we were so privilaged to be part of. After snorkeling we had the most delitious barbicued meat of some kind (best not to ask too many questions about what exactly you are eating) served in big leaves from the tree they were cooking under.

Super viscous sun here, got slightly toasted even through factor 50 sunscreen,  must remember to reaply more often.

40 min walk to backpakers on the beach for sundowners and another bbq. Loooong walk back through the jungle in the dark, but worth it - amazing dinner.

Leaving early tomorrow morning for the mainland, so on to more adventures. I have absolutly no idea what to expect but this is the way in Cambodia.

I feel so acutly acutly aware, that many people on Koh Rong island have never seen a white person and that mearly our presence here affects their society. There is a big drive to change mal practice, teach the children English,  for a better future and I wonder who decides what "better" is. At this point I have more questions than answers.

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