Thursday, 28 March 2013

"you come, you come"

Was awoken early to "emergence", "emergence", which I took to mean emergency. When I asked what had happened, the reply was only, "you come, you come". So off I went, galloping across the beach (I'm getting quite good at barreling into these unknown situations).

What I found was our beloved Nai ye (the local midwife) feeling very unwell with symptomatic hypertension.  For those of you who don't know, by the time you feel unwell (headache,  dizziness, blurred vision) with hypertension,  you are in trouble. She took some anti-hypertensive drugs and then I waited the longest 20 mins of my life so far for them to start working. The pressure was so high for her little body that she burst the blood vessels in both eyes.

I decided to make her rest the whole day and sleep next to me at night, so I could keep a close eye on her.

I am so relieved to now be off the island, with access to hospital if I need it. Her blood pressure is now stable but she is still headachey & doest look 100% well to me.

We have been sitting on the mainland beach this morning drinking fruit shakes and having a massage (Nai ye's first time), I thought she could do with a bit of a treat and relax,  she loved it:-)

Waiting for the other girls to meet up with me. Looking forward to bbq on the beach tonight.

PS: have advised her to go to the doctor but she doesn't  want to and I don't blame her. I am just worried about cerebral haemorrhage,  stroke, heart failure, dvt, etc.......aaaaarrrrh, shut up Western brain.

Sunset at Koh Rong


  1. Oh no! So glad she's (more or less) ok. Sending healing and bp-lowering thoughts. Never mind 'who guards the guards' - the real question is, 'who doctors the doctors?'!

  2. Sending blessings and healing from here too. Indeed - who looks after the healers?